Picture Instruments

About Picture Instruments

Extracted data

  • EXIF data: datetime, copyright, GPS coordinates
  • Image format and color mode
  • Width, height and size in bytes
  • Frame count for animated images
  • Image borders


Remove borders (whitespace) from image

250x250, bordered
242x242, borders removed
630x348, bordered
630x268, borders removed

Crop image

1024x681, source
820x545, cropped 10% for each side
600x600, source
480x480, cropped 10% for each side

Resize image

1400x931, source
400x266, resized to 400x300
500x281, source
300x169, resized to 300x200


  • API rate limit is one process request per 5 seconds
  • Maximum file size is 5 242 880 bytes
  • Maximum image size is 4 096 pixels width or height
  • Image over 512 pixels width or height will be resized to 512 pixels for approximate border detection
  • GIF with more than 50 frames will be reduced to 50 frames for borders removal, crop or resize
  • Resizing GIF is pain, so result is usually ugly, try at your own risk :)
  • If image can't be processed within 120 seconds - try again later, this may be due to to bad internet connection or high server load
  • Processed image with all related data will be available via direct link for 300 seconds


All images were taken from the internet and assumed to be in the public domain.
In the event that any content is copyrighted, the content will gladly be removed on request, write to admin AT picinst DOT com.